Most of scientific names are: (A) Greek (B) Latin (C) Greek and Latin (D) English A virion is: (A) Virus (B) Capsid (C) Genome (D) Viroid Smallest virus is: (A) Wound tumor virus (B) Picorna virus (C) TMV (D) Influenza virus Viral Genetic material is: (A) DNA only (B) RNA only (C) DNA and RNA (D) DNA or RNA A ...

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Biological Molecules Mcqs

BIOLOGICAL MOLECULES QUESTIONS FOR PRACTICE Polysaccharides are synthesized in plants by the process of: (A) Condensation (B) Glycolysis (C) Oxidation (D)Reduction Lipids found in our body as: (A) Triglyceride (B) Phospholipid (C) Cholesterol (D) All of these Which one of the following types of bond is principally concerned in maintaining the alpha-helix shape of secondary protein structure? (A) Disulphide bonds ...

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Chapter #1 Introduction to Biology MCQS

Which one is the best scientific method? (A) Experimentation in lab (B) Collecting all known facts on the subject (C) Developing and testing Hypothesis (D) Using sensitive electronic instruments Of the following, which is not characteristic of the theory? (A) It is more comprehensive than a hypothesis (B) It is limited in scope compared with a hypothesis (C) It has ...

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