Features of Word Processing Software

Word Processing Software

Some important features of word processing software are as follows:

Word Wrap: The word processor automatically moves to the next line when the user one line is filled with text. It adjusts the text if the margins are changed.

Formatting: Word processing software provides a wide range of formatting facilities. The user can change the color, background color, size and style of text. The formatting can be applied on characters, paragraphs or whole pages.

Printing: Word processing software provides printing facility. The user can print documents to get a hard copy. The user can print the whole document or any range of pages.

Find and Replace: The Find feature is used to find a certain character, word or phrase in the document. The Replace feature is used to find a certain character, word or phrase in the document replace it with another.

Spelling and Grammar: Spelling and Grammar features is used to detect and correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the documents.

AutoCorrect: Word processing software automatically corrects many commonly misspelled words and capitalization errors with AutoCorrect feature.

Thesaurus: This feature provides the synonyms for a word in the document. A word with same meaning is known as synonym.

Tables: Word processing software provides the facility of tables to organize data. Table is a collection of rows and columns. The user can easily add rows and columns from a table without disturbing data.

Column: Word processing software allows dividing the page in the form of columns. The user can use any number of columns in the document. A page with columns looks like text in a newspaper or magazine.

Header and Footer: Word processing software provides the facility to insert headers and footers in a document. Header is the text that appears at the top of each page. Footer is the text that appears at the bottom of each page. Page numbers, company names or dates are normally used in headers and footers.

AutoText: Word processing software provided the feature to store text permanently for using repeatedly in documents.

Template: A template is a preformatted document that serves as a model to create new documents. It is used to create professional letters, memos and reports easily.

Mail Merge: Mail merge is a process of combining a form letter with the contents of database. It is usually a name and address list. The mail merge feature make it easy to send the same letter to a list of different people with the correct name and address printed on each letter.

Voice Recognition: Some latest word processing software provides voice recognition facility. The user speaks into the microphone and the words are written in the document. It can also recognize different commands.

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