Graphic Software and Multimedia Software

Graphic and Multimedia Software

Graphics software is used to create, manipulate and print graphics. It is also known as digital imaging software. A graphic can be any picture, drawing, sketch, photograph, image or icon that appears on computer screen. Some graphics software can be used only with a particular type of graphic but some allow multiple graphics formats.

Engineers, architects and graphic artists use graphic and multimedia software to develop complex applications.

Some graphic and multimedia software applications are as follows:

Computer-Aided Design

Computer-aided design (CAD) software is a type of 3-D graphics software designed for architects and engineers. Engineers use CAD software to create designs for airplanes and security systems. Architects use them to design building structures and floor plans. 3-D CAD software can display an object from different angles. Some examples of CAD software are Microsoft Video Professional, AutoDesk, AutoCAD and Chief Architect.

Desktop Publishing Software

Desktop publishing (DTP) software provides tools to create professional and high quality documents such as textbooks and newsletters etc. It allows users to use text, graphics and colors to create attractive documents. Some popular desktop publishing software are Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker and Microsoft Publisher.

Word processing software is also used to create documents to be published. The main difference is that word processing software is document-based but DTP software is frame based. DTP software creates a page using multiple frames. Some frames can hold text, while other frames can hold titles, graphics and tables. The user can move, resize and overlap frames to create effective layout.

Paint Software

Paint software is used to create and modify graphic images. It provides a set of electronic pens, brushes and paints for painting images on the screen. Many professionals like graphics artists use it to draw pictures, shapes and graphical images with different tools. Paint software is also called illustrator software or raster graphics editor. MS Paint is simple and popular paint software included in Windows.

Photo Editing Software

Photo editing software is used to modify the existing image. It provides features to improve the quality of photos by modifying contrast and brightness or cropping unwanted objects and adding special effects such as shadows and glows etc. Adobe Photoshop, Apple iPhoto and Microsoft Office Picture Manager are examples of photo editing software.

Drawing Software

Drawing software provides a set of lines, shapes and colors to create diagrams and logos etc. Some examples of drawing software are CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk SketchBook.

Video and Audio Editing Software

Video editing software is used to modify video clips. For example, it can be used to change the length of video clip or add special effects. Audio editing software is used to modify audio clips. It can produce quality audio tracks. It includes the filters to enhance audio quality. The filter removes distracting background noise and improves the quality of the audio. Video and audio editing software is commonly used by video production studios to edit and improve videos. Some examples of video and audio editing software are PremierePro, Audition and Soundbooth.

The common tasks provided by video and audio editing software are as follows:

  • Split video into smaller clips
  • Add still photos
  • Add transitions between clips
  • Add sound tracks
  • Add titles and captions
  • Add special effects

Multimedia Authoring Software

Multimedia authoring software is also called authorware. It is used to combine text, graphics, audio, video and animation into an interactive presentation. The presentation created with authorware can be used on the Web or computer. It can be used to teach the students. Some examples of multimedia authoring software are GoCourse and Director.

Webpage Authoring Software

Webpage authoring software is used to create professional web pages. The webpages may include text, images, video, audio, animation etc. Some application software such as MS Word and MS PowerPoint also provide the facility to save a document as webpage. Some examples of webpage authoring software are DreamWeaver, FireWorks and Flash.

Software for Home, Personal & Educational Use

Some software applications are specially designed for home, personal and educational use. Different types of software are available for home, personal and educational use.

Personal Finance Software

Personal finance software is used to manage income, expenses, assets and liabilities. It can also be used to manage investments and prepare income taxes etc. It provides a simple user interface. It can automate routine tasks such as budgeting, investing, check writing and bill paying. It also produces reports and graphs to show flow of money.

Many personal financial software provide direct links to online banking services. The user can check account balances, transfer funds and pay bills online. Many banks and financial brokers provides Web-based services such as online banking etc. Some examples of personal finance software is Intuit Quicken, Checkbook HD and PocketMoney.

Legal Software

Legal software is used to prepare legal documents. It provides legal assistance to users. It guides the user in legal matters like standard contracts and documents for buying, selling and renting property, marriage and divorce etc. Legal software also provides the facility to create customized documents. It asks important questions from the user and prepares the document according to the exact requirements of user. Quicken Legal Business and Perfect Attorney are examples of legal software.

Tax Preparation Software

Tax preparation software is used to gather annual income, expenses, identify deductions and calculate tax payments. Tax laws are changed frequently so the latest version of tax preparation software must be used to make sure it uses the latest laws to prepare tax. The tax preparation software also provides the options to submit the tax return online. An example of tax preparation software is Intuit TurboTax.

Clip Art / Image Gallery

Clip art is a collection of photographs on different topics. Many applications provide clip art that can be used in documents. They also provide links to different websites that provide images. Some image galleries also contain sound, video and animations that can be used in different types of documents. Corel Gallery is an example of clip art.

Home Design / Landscape Software

Home design/Landscape software helps the user in designing home or landscape. It provides many predefined designs that can also be customized to a design a home. It can also provide information about the material and cost for the home. BroaderBund 3D Home Design Suite and Instant Architect are examples of home design software.

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