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Presentation Software

Presentation software is a type of application software that uses graphics, animation, sound and data or information to make visual presentation. It provides many facilities to create attractive presentation quickly and easily. The presentation consists of multiple slides. The slides contain the information for the audience. This information can include text, pictures, charts, video and sound etc. These presentations can be used directly on computer screen. The presentations can also be viewed as slides on a large monitor or projection screen. The user can also print them for different uses. Popular presentation software are Microsoft PowerPoint, iWork Keynote, LibreOffice Impress and Google Docs Presentations.

Uses of Presentation Software

Some important uses of presentation software are as follows:

Learning Solutions

Presentation software combines both audio and visual. The audience can understand the topic easily. It makes teaching process interactive in the lectures. The presentations are used in schools, colleges and universities to teach different topics of study. It makes the learning easier and interesting for the students.

Classroom Teaching

Presentation software help in improving the quality and impact of classroom teaching. The presentations can be made interesting and effective for the students.


The students can use presentation software to make informative presentation on any topic and present them in seminars.

Meetings and Consultations

The decision makers can use presentation software for meetings and discussions. It helps them to keep the focus on important issues.

Information Kiosks

Presentation software is a good tool to present layout and information at public places like museums, exhibitions etc. It can be interactive for public to view and learn.

Corporate Training Session

Presentation software is widely used by trainers for conferences, workshops and training sessions. It is an important part of every corporate training session. Top executives and manager use this powerful tool to train their juniors to give them effective training.

Features of Presentation Software

Some important features of presentation software are as follows:

Formatting: Presentation software has a wide range of formatting facilities. You can change the color, background color, size and style of your text.

Printing: Presentation software provides printing facility. The user can print slides to get a hard copy. Printing can be of whole presentation or of any range of pages.

Predefined Formats: Presentation software provides many predefined presentation formats with different background colors, text styles and graphics for the presentation.

Slide Layout: Presentation software provides different slide layouts. The user can select any layout for your presentation.

Audio and Video: Presentation software provides the facility to add sounds and videos in the presentation. It enhances the effects of the presentation.

Auto Shapes: Presentation software allows the user to draw different geometrical shapes, arrows, flowchart symbols, stars and banners on the slides.

Clipart Gallery: Presentation software includes a clipart gallery that contains images, photos, video clips and audio clips for the presentations.

Spelling and Grammar: Spelling and Grammar features is used to detect and correct the spelling and grammatical mistakes in the presentation.

Animation: Presentation software provides the facility to animate the contents of presentations. Different types of movements can be applied to different components of the presentation. It makes the presentation more attractive.

Slide Transition: Presentation software can be used to apply special effects to the transition between slides. Slide transitions are the visual movements as one slide changes to another. By default, one slide simply replaces previous screen.

Slide Timing: Slide timing is used to set the timing of slides. The presentation automatically displays the next slide after a preset delay. The user can rehearse the presentation to know the time required to complete the presentation.

Speaker Notes: Presentation software provides the facility to add speaker notes to a presentation. The notes can be used to remember important points during presentation or to give to the audience.

Database Software

A database is a collection of organized data. The data in a database can be accessed, retrieved and used easily. Database software is application software that is used to create, access and manage a database. It is also known as database management system. The user can use it to add, change and delete data in a database. It can also be used to create forms and reports using data in the database. Microsoft Access, FileMaker Pro and LibreOffice Base, Oracle and MySQL are examples of popular database software.

Project Management Software

Project management software is used for planning large projects, scheduling project tasks and tracking project costs. It can be used in large projects such as construction of huge building or running a big advertising campaign etc. It helps the project managers to run the projects effectively. It can be used to ensure that the project is completed in time and within allowed budget. The most popular project management program is Microsoft Project. A commonly used web-based project management software is Basecamp.

Note Taking Software and Web Notebooks

Note taking software is used to take notes during class lectures, meetings or similar activity. It can be used mostly by students and business people with tablet or other devices with pen input. It typically allows both typed and handwritten input. It provides different features for note taking such as creating tabs, files and Web links etc. The examples of note taking software are Microsoft OneNote and Circus Ponies Notebook.

Some online versions of note taking software are known as Web notebooks. They are designed to help the user to organized online research including text, images, Web links, search results etc. An example of online note taking software is Zoho Notebook.

Personal Information Managers

Personal information manager (PIM) is a software application installed on PDAs and smartphones. It includes an appointment calendar, address book, notepad and other features to organize appointments and tasks etc. PIMs can manage different types of information, such as telephone messages, notes, reminders, address lists and important appointments. An appointment calendar is used to schedule activities for a particular day and time. An address book can be used to enter and maintain names, addresses and phone numbers of other people. A notepad can be used to record ideas, reminders and other important information.

Software Suite

A set of application software available as a single package is called software suite. When the software suite is installed, all or selected application software in the suite are installed. Software suites typically include word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications. Suites may also include email and contact managers, calendars, project management, and drawing applications. Most widely used software suites include Google Docs, iWork, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office 365 and Zoho Office Suite.

Purchasing a software suite is comparatively less expensive than purchasing each application separately. It is also easier to use because all applications in the suite usually use similar interface.

Accounting Software

Accounting software is an application software that records and processes accounting transactions. It is used by accounting professionals to manage accounts and perform accounting operations. It can also be used to record and manage expenses, invoices, payroll and inventory. It enables the user to track business finances and generate reports or graphs to make effective business decision.

Most accounting programs include templates for invoices, statements and financial reports. Latest accounting packages also provide online deposit and payroll services. This facility allows companies to deposit paychecks directly into accounts of their employees. QuickBooks and Sage Peachtree are examples of accounting software.


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