Spreadsheet Software, Application, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Features

Spreadsheet Software

Spreadsheet software is a widely used application software for calculations. Millions of people use spreadsheet software to perform different tasks more quickly and accurately. It provides worksheets to enter data. A worksheet is a collection of rows and columns. It allows the user to make different calculations using formulas and built-in functions. Spreadsheet software also provides the facility to display data graphically using charts. Some examples of spreadsheet software are Microsoft Excel, iWork Numbers, Google Docs Spreadsheets and LibreOffice Calc.

Application of Spreadsheet

Some important applications of spreadsheet software are as follows:

  • It can be used by corporations to track profit and losses
  • Economists can generate growth graphs of country’s economy
  • Statisticians can calculate probability of crashing the market
  • Women can manage their household budgets


Computerized spreadsheets can calculate data easily, accurately and efficiently. Large quantities of numbers are added, subtracted, multiplied and divided. When new information is inserted in existing spreadsheet, revised calculations are performed automatically.

  • It increases the ease and speed of calculating.
  • It makes it easy to modify information and recalculate automatically.
  • It displays numeric data as a chart or graphs.
  • It incorporates numeric data into another software application.


  • Spreadsheet software cannot process a large volume of data quickly.
  • It does not provide much programming facilities.

Features of Spreadsheet Software

Some important features of spreadsheet software are as follows:

Calculation: Spreadsheet software provides the facility to perform different types of calculations using formulas and functions.

Recalculation: Recalculation is an important and powerful feature of spreadsheet software. The results are automatically recalculated when there is any change in the worksheet data.

Chart: Charts are the graphical representation of data. Spreadsheet software provides different types of charts. The data in charts can be viewed and understood by the users easily.

AutoFill: AutoFill is used to automatically fill cell with a series of numbers and dates etc.

Sorting: Sorting is the process of arranging your data in a particular order. You can sort the data in your worksheets in ascending or descending order.

Filter: Filter allows to display the required data in a worksheet by giving a criteria. Remaining data is hidden temporarily. For example, you can display the records of passed students.

Auditing: This feature allows the user to find the cells used in a formula. Spreadsheet software display arrows to all cells, which are used in that formula.

Printing: Spreadsheet software provides printing facility. The user can print the documents to get a hard copy. Printing can be of whole document or of any range.

AutoComplete: This feature is used to complete data automatically. If you are typing a word in a cell that has already been used in another cell, it can be completed automatically.

Uses of Spreadsheet Software in Commerce

The students of commerce can use Spreadsheet software in the following ways:

Worksheet & Workbook: Different tasks in commerce are performed using worksheet and workbook. Spreadsheet software provides computerized worksheet and workbook. It provides an easy and efficient way to maintain data.

Stock Handling: Spreadsheet software can be used to handle the stock of an organization. It provides many facilities for commerce people to perform complex calculations in stock management.

Accounts Handling: Spreadsheet software is used to handle the accounting system of an organization. Accounting system manages daily transactions of an organization. Spreadsheet software is used to prepare balance sheet, trial balance, ledger and other information related to accounts.

Record Keeping: Spreadsheet software can be used in commerce for record keeping. An organization can manage its data in spreadsheet software. It provides many facilities to store a large volume of data in an easy and efficient manner.

Quick Calculations: The data stored in spreadsheet software can be processed easily. Different types of calculations can be performed on data in less time. Spreadsheet software provides many built- in functions to perform different calculations.

Automatic Recalculation: Spreadsheet software provides the facility of automatic recalculation. If the user applies some calculation on data, it is automatically recalculated if the data is changed.

Graphical Representation: Spreadsheet software provides the facility of presenting data graphically. It provides different types of charts. Charts display the data in an attractive and easy to understand way.

Predefined Functions: Spreadsheet software provides many predefined functions to perform many tasks of commerce. The user has to put less effort in performing difficult tasks.

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